Sometimes it’s nostalgia. Sometimes it’s fascination. Sometimes it’s pure intention. But it is always love and occasionally poetry that underpins every creation at FILODEE. For those who may not know, FILODEE is my second baby, born from the same passion that fuels „the store by schneeweiss.“ This luxury leather brand embodies a commitment to design, craftsmanship and quality, with a deep focus on meeting people’s needs. My design partner and I strive to create handbags that give the wearer a sense of freedom and empowerment. Combining minimalistshapes with unexpected details and premium Italian leather, FILODEE stands for true artistry and the smart luxury of functionality, offering the ease of a bag that can be opened and closed with just one hand. It is this ethos that is woven into our latest creation: The Flower Bag.


In our pursuit to create the Flower Bag, we faced a daunting challenge: developing a luxurious woven bag with a single shoulder strap – a concept many experts said was impossible. Tradition dictates two handles, yet we dared to redefine it with just one. This singular choice wasn’t just aesthetic – it was also practical, eliminating the all-too-common annoyance of a slipping strap. So this vision required a blend of innovation, functionality and enduring quality that pushed the boundaries of traditional design. Our journey of countless collaborations and experiments seemed to be inching closer to the vision, but always falling short, until, in a final attempt to make this bag a reality, we met Gloria in a family-run workshop near Florence. A master of knotwork, she initially doubted the viability of the project, echoing my own fears and the skepticism of her predecessors. However, our shared dedication to overcoming design barriers ignited a creative spark. Through a meticulous process of trial, error and refinement, Gloria’s exceptional craftsmanship turned the once-impossible into reality. Her expertise and our persistence not only redefined the essence of smart luxury, but also highlighted the resilience required to achieve exceptional results.

As you can imagine, in addition to the right experts, the choice of leather for the Flower Bag is of paramount importance. The leather must have the right texture so that the knots hold tight and create the perfect symmetry without being too shiny, too matte, too soft or too rigid. After a long sourcing process, we finally found the perfect cowhide, which undergoes an extensive transformation. It is cut into thin strips, then each strip is filled with cotton padding and sewn together. Our knotting specialist Gloria uses 130 meters of this leather thread to hand-knot each bag. The design intricately weaves the threads, tying back the excess, with each rose made of two threads, culminating in 20 roses per row. The bag’s opening is generously sized for easy access, while the slender handle provides a comfortable grip. For added versatility, the bag features an adjustable and removable crossbody strap, a drawstring closure and an interior pocket that can be detached for use as a petite clutch, complete with a clip for secure attachment.

In case you were wondering how long it takes to make this bag, it takes two days of finest handcraftsmanship after almost a year of development from concept to creation. From the initial

idea in June 2023 to the final stitch, the Flower Bag’s journey has been one of passion, dedication,and a deep connection to craft.

There is no doubt that the design of the Flower Bag transcends a simple seasonal trend. Its aesthetic complements both the warmth of a summer day and the crisp air of fall. Despite its seemingly delicate rose pattern, the bag offers a surprising level of privacy and security, shielding its contents from prying eyes. Finished with gold-plated hardware and spacious enough to hold a 13“ laptop, the Flower Bag transitions seamlessly from day to night and can even be worn as a clutch when folded. And for those on the go, it also folds up and packs away effortlessly, ready to join you on your next trip.

Having said all that, the Flower Bag is not just a bag to me. It’s a piece of art, a companion and a statement of identity. It’s a reflection of the dedication, love and authenticity that define not only FILODEE, but also the unique community we’ve built at „the store by schneeweiss“. Truly, it’s not just about creating something to carry your essentials – it’s about creating a legacy, piece by piece, thread by thread.

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