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Pauline Rochas

Le Quatrieme Parfum

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Boom. That’s the rhythm of your heart. You have come home. A fragrant flower blooms in the radiance of the fourth chakra. Delicate yet mysterious, Le Quatrième Parfum is a sensory articulation of love. Imagine a lover’s hand that gently brushes your skin. With a flirtatious air, the scent awakens both the intangible and the physical in a romantic embrace. A gentle floral fruity balance of essential oils – Peru balsam, Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian orange flower absolute and Madagascar ylang-ylang portray a blissful love. When engaged, Anahata – Sanskrit for „unhurt, unstruck, unbeaten“ opens the body and soul to true love. A harmony of passion, devotion and sensuality. Follow the beating of your heart. Love and be loved.


Olfactive Family: Floral Fruity.

Notes: Peru balsam, Calabrian bergamot, Tunisian orange flower absolute, Madagascar ylang-ylang.

For the Romantic in you.

Element: Air.
Gemstone: Rose Quartz.
Colour: Green and pink.

Effect: Colours life with compassion, love, forgiveness and beauty. Love yourself and others.

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