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Ivy Oak

IVY OAK is a Berlin based advanced contemporary occasionwear brand founded by Caroline Gentz in 2016. The collections are defined by their signature handwriting, selections of high-quality fabrics and attention to detail. The brands true mission is to disrupt the fashion industry, working towards more conscious choices, creating a meaningful long lasting wardrobe for todays community and the generations to come.


I would say one of the best collections ever. Exclusive for you our selection from the Tibi Fall 2024 collection. COMING SOON.

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A portmanteau of ‘matt’ (not shiny) and ‘eau’, the French word for water.

Matteau's ethos is to be simple and considered. This mantra threads through every part of their design process, resulting in products that are humble and without artifice. Less really is more.


Flower Bag by FILO-DEE

Having said all that, the Flower Bag is not just a bag to me. It’s a piece of art, a companion and a statement of identity. It’s a reflection of the dedication, love and authenticity that define not only FILODEE, but also the unique community we’ve built at „the store by schneeweiss“. Truly, it’s not just about creating something to carry your essentials – it’s about creating a legacy, piece by piece,thread by thread.

My Personal Favorites

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Mattteau Deep U Tank Black