In Fiore

Julie Elliott is the founder, CEO & Chief Formulation Officer of In Fiore. This next-generation apothecary creates luxury natural lifestyle products that are a complete floral seduction for your skin and soul. As the visionary leader behind the brand, In Fiore's corporate strategy, creative direction, and product development is driven by Elliott.  She is also the intuitive creatrix behind every handcrafted formula and blend.

Elliott established a true pioneer in Fiore in 1999, long before natural beauty took its rightful place in the luxury market.  What started as a range of rich, hand-blended body balms sold in a showroom in San Francisco has since evolved into a stellar line up of skin care and fragrance available at major retailers and specialty stores across the globe. 

Inspired by Old World apothecaries, history's alchemists, and her worldwide travels, Elliott practices her craft with an accumulated wisdom of ancient traditions, guided only by an intuition for scent and blending.  Her formulating passion emerged in childhood as she pried through her mother's French cosmetics filling notebook after notebook with imaginative chemical formulary. 

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