Scouting and sharing new brands and collection is a passion I will be never tired of.


A portmanteau of ‘matt’ (not shiny) and ‘eau’, the French word for water.

Matteau's ethos is to be simple and considered. This mantra threads through every part of their design process, resulting in products that are humble and without artifice. Less really is more.


Flower Bag by FILO-DEE

Having said all that, the Flower Bag is not just a bag to me. It’s a piece of art, a companion and a statement of identity. It’s a reflection of the dedication, love and authenticity that define not only FILODEE, but also the unique community we’ve built at „the store by schneeweiss“. Truly, it’s not just about creating something to carry your essentials – it’s about creating a legacy, piece by piece,thread by thread.

Labo Art

Labo.Art is synonymous with sober and minimal elegance.

TEURN STUDIOS is a progressive luxury fashion brand bringing ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories to its global audience. The brand is rooted in the idea of offering exceptional quality craft and distinct designs in a curated manner. Its design expression is timelessly sleek and paired back – yet with a touch of ‘candy minimalism’ which adds femininity and unique edge to its pieces.

Sandals and Ballerinas

First pedicure is done so the right time to show up the feets. get inspired by our shoe selection for coming spring

My Personal Favorites

Review my favorites of our new arrivals.

Mattteau Deep U Tank Black