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Susanne Kaufmann

Shampoo/Shower 250ml

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The shower/shampoo is a gentle body cleanser, skin nourishment, shampoo and conditioner all in one.

For daily body and hair care. The product is very rich and you don’t need as much as usual.

It pampers the body every day with precious active substances derived from sage, St. John‘s wort, marsh mallow root and aloe vera. Soluble silk elements form a very thin film that protects the skin and hair against dehydration. We use sugar surfactants made from renewable raw materials for cleansing. They are completely biodegradable and especially skin-tolerant. Because of its natural ingredients, it may become slightly cloudy. With its pleasantly subtle scent, the shower/shampoo is the ideal skin care product for the entire family also children. Perfect for colored hair, the silk protects the color and gives it a nice shine.