Mii is a duo, Lucie and Bapan, Yin and Yang....

At first, everything set them apart: 3500 miles, their countries, cultures, languages, social backgrounds, and their radical different personalities.

Yet they met at the Paris School of Decorative Arts where they both studied textile design, and, as a result of this unlikely encounter and the love that was born from it, they created Mii!

in 2009, they travelled to India where they met craftsmen who talked of their economic problems...And that is when the idea of moving to another region or even another country, away from their families, started to take shape. They believed strongly in the value of hand-made, local products and they wanted to change the world -  and still do!

So they gave the project everything they had, their minds, their hearts and there 2x2 hands. 


Mii is for  Made in India! and they are totally committed to defending and promoting the country's unique, ancestral and endangered know-how. 

Welcome to the World of Mii...