When House of Dagmar was founded in 2005, they had a desire to establish a long-lasting business based on a high quality-approach throughout everything they do. High quality contributes to a longer life span for clothes, which is ultimately better for the environment. We do not need to destroy the earth’s recourses unnecessarily. Over the years, they have learned a lot about which fibers and production methods are better for the earth, and still learn every day. Today, as the term “sustainability” is widely known and clearly defined, they need to collectively become more engaged and together make better choices.

Choosing materials and designs that are long-lasting yet kind to the earth, humans and animals are central to our business and brand.

For House of Dagmar, this is not only a trend but an important journey. It is an important part of who they are and what they do, it is a part of the Dagmar-DNA.